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How to Prepare for Republican County Website Onboarding

How to Prepare for Republican County Website Onboarding

This checklist is a summarized version of our Getting Started Checklist and has been modified for Republican county website onboarding. View our full checklist for a more detailed explanation of each item. Please also consider reading items 1 & 2 in our Getting Started Guide.

Our team will be available to make sure your county successfully learns how to use this new website. Because we want your county to be as independent as possible, we will work with your county administrator to import county-specific content into your website.

Use this checklist to prepare for our first call:

  1. Do you already have a published website for your county?
    1. What is your domain name? Make sure you have access to your DNS records so we can help you set up your new website.
    2. Who is your current website host? Do you plan to continue using your own host? Your state party is offering website hosting at no cost to you.
  2. Who will be your county website administrator? We will create admin login credentials for this individual. Please also send this information for any other users that need to have access to your website. If you know you aren’t tech-savvy, save yourself some stress and bring somebody who is to the onboarding calls.
    1. Full name
    2. Email
    3. Phone number
  3. County-specific information to prepare:
    1. Leadership information (Names, contact info, bios, pictures, etc). After filling out the onboarding form, you will be given access to a Google spreadsheet where you can fill in this information.
    2. County contact information (email, phone, address)
    3. Donation instructions for those who want to contribute to your central committee
    4. Replacement content for the home page
    5. Other county information (mission statement, about us page content, etc)

Teach a Man to Fish

As mentioned previously, we will work with your team to get your content loaded into the website. However, to set you up for success, we are going to instruct your team on how to use the website rather than doing all of the work for you. Be prepared to set aside some hours for this project—but we will be with you each step of the way!

Note: We gave a quick demo of the county website template at the Winter meetings and showed our Admin Launchpad page where we will have videos explaining how to use the website. The videos will be completed after the first few counties are onboarded as beta trials. In the meantime, we will work with you directly to have content added and modifications made to the websites.

Log into Your Website

After our first onboarding call, we will install WordPress on your domain: [your county] For example, the Oneida County website can be found at Log into the WordPress Admin Dashboard by clicking the link under admin in the top right corner of your website:

You can also log into your website by typing [your county] into your internet browser. Use the login credentials provided during your onboarding Zoom call.

Note: If you haven’t joined us for an onboarding Zoom call, then your website hasn’t been installed and you won’t yet have login credentials.