Infinite loading in Elementor

There appears to be a conflict between (Version 2.8.1) and Advanced Custom Fields Extended (Version that causes infinite loading in the Elementor editor.

How to Replicate

The problem occurs with these plugins activated (not considering variable server and WordPress settings):

  • Advanced Custom Fields PRO
  • Elementor
  • Elementor Pro
  • Dynamic Content for Elementor*
  • Advanced Custom Fields Extended*

*Activating both of these plugins simultaneously will cause the problem.

This appears to be caused by recent updates to the plugins and may be fixed in future versions, but in the meantime there are two way this can be solved.

Solution 1) Reduce the amount of content loaded in Elementor

Elementor is struggling to load an excessive number of widgets. You can easily edit in Elementor by deactivating one of the plugins that’s causing the issue (in this case temporarily deactivate ACF Extended). Simply reactivate the ACF Extended plugin after editing the page in Elementor.

Solution 2) Increase memory limits

You can increase the php and WordPress memory limits to prevent this timeout issue.

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