Advanced Custom Fields Tips

Dynamic Content for Elementor

Fields that are currently showing in the ACF Field lookup:

  • Email Field
  • Number Field
  • Password Field
  • Text Field
  • Text Area Field
  • WYSIWYG Field
  • oEmbed Field
  • Checkbox Field
  • Radio Field
  • Select Field
  • True / False Field
  • Color Picker Field
  • Date Picker Field
  • Date Time Picker Field
  • Google Map Field
  • Time Picker Field

Field types that are NOT showing in the ACF Field lookup:

  • Button Field
  • Hidden Field
  • Range Field
  • Slug Field
  • URL Field
  • Code Editor Field
  • File Field
  • Gallery Field
  • Image Field
  • Button Group Field
  • Advanced Link Field
  • Forms Link Field
  • Link Field
  • Page Link Field
  • Post Object Field
  • Relationship Field
  • User Field
  • Post Object Field
  • Relationship Field
  • Taxonomy Field
  • Taxonomy Terms Field
  • Google reCaptcha Field

ACF Dynamic Token


ACF Simple Text-Based Fields Shortcode


This is a story about a boy named . He is  years old.
 Raw PHP ACF Field​


Advanced Custom Field PHP

					<?php the_field('field_title'); ?>

Display ACF Author Field


$author_id = get_the_author_meta('ID');
the_field('company_name', 'user_'.$author_id); 


ACF PHP Use Example


$author = get_field('author');


<section class=“page”>
	<div class=“container”>

		<h1><?php the_title();?></h1>

		<pre><?php // echo print_r($author);?></pre>

		<strong><?php echo $author[‘user_firstname’];?> <?php echo $author[‘user_lastname’];?></strong>


<?php get_footer();?>

Advanced Custom Field PHP

					get_field() // Returns the value of a specific field.
get_field_object() // Returns the settings of a specific field.
get_field_objects() // Returns the settings of all fields saved on a specific post.
get_fields() // Returns an array of field values (name => value) for a specific post.
the_field() // Displays the value of a specific field.   

Elementor supports these ACF fields:














Hide/show sections using ACF fields


  1. Advanced Custom Fields by Delicious Brains
  2. DynamicConditions by TRO GmbH

Field Setup

  1. Field type: Select
  2. Field Options
    1. True
    2. False
  3. Default
    1. True

Elementor Setup

  1. “Dynamic Conditions” settings
  2. Dynamic Tag: ACF Field
  3. Show/Hide: Show when conditions are met
  4. Conditions
    1. Is equal to
    2. Contains
    3. In array
    4. In array contains
  5. Compare Type: Text
  6. Conditional Value: True

ACF Links for Buttons




  • The “Page Link” field type is considered a url field but


  • The “Link” and “Advanced Link” field types are not considered url fields by Elementor and cannot be used for button links. These are apparently not officially supported by Elementor.
  • None of the link types are being loaded into the button correctly. Buttons are not clickable.

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