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Elementor Pro


Premium Addons for Elementor

Premium Addons

Allows copy and paste of entire sections/pages across websites

Premium Addons PRO

Essential Addons for Elementor

Post Grid

  • Can’t exclude posts by term
  • Can’t feature sticky posts

Dynamic Conditions (RTO GmbH)

  • Dynamic content
  • Show or hide Elementor content based on ACF custom fields
  • Still fairly limited***

Piotnet Addons For Elementor “PAFE”

  • Dynamic content
  • Poorly documented
  • $60 lifetime price
  • Conditional form logic

Extras For Elementor (NAMOGO)

  • Dynamic content / “Conditions”
  • Unique options





  • DANG. A LOT of features…


  • Repeater Field for ACF and JET fields

e-User Interface PRO

  • Scroll indicator
  • Section reveal
  • Section transition
  • Sabs sections


e-PRO Payments

  • For PayPal

e-MAPS Locator


Elementor Custom Skin (dudaster)

Elementor Custom Skin

  • Free
  • Customize post listing loop templates
  • Can it work with custom post types?
  • This is basically how to create post listings with different data than is used in the default posts widgets
  • Adds a Loop tab to the Elementor Theme Builder

Elementor Custom Skin Pro ($59/yr or $149 lifetime)

  • Display Mode: post slider, masonry, same height
  • Alternating templates, pretty dang cool
  • Dynamic Everywhere: “dynamic content in every widget”*
  • I think I can do most of this Pro stuff with Elementor and ACF*

Dynamic Content (Dynamic.ooo)

Dynamic Content For Elementor “DCFE” ($)

  • Like a swiss army knife for dealing with ACF repeater fields
  • Makes outputting ACF relationships very simple
  • Conditional form logic
  • Dynamic maps

Dynamic Visibility for Elementor (FREE)

  • Dynamic content
  • Free

Anywhere Elementor

  • Like a swiss army knife for dealing with ACF repeater fields
  • Makes outputting ACF relationships very simple

Anywhere Elementor

Anywhere Elementor Pro

JetEngine (Crocoblock)

  • Cheaper than ACF Pro
  • Doesn’t support as many meta fields. Will that be a problem for specific projects?
  • Can add admin columns
  • Makes the output of fields more easy to customize than ACF
  • Recently added dynamic maps
  • Set up to work within Elementor Pro or Gutenberg
  • Crocoblock videos and tutorials are confusing
  • Uses shortcodes, but are buried and aren’t explained well in tutorials
  • Does much more than creating metafields
  • Third party support is very minimal

JetEngine Theme Core

  • Alternative for many Elementor Pro features

JetEngine ($26)

  • Custom post types
  • Custom taxonomies
  • Custom listings loop
  • Can take a long time to learn how to set things up with ACF repeater fields, formatting, pulling in meta fields, coding, etc.

JetSearch For Elementor

  • AJAX search functionality

JetSmartFilters ($24)

  • Advanced filters for any post type


  • Theme Preview Template



  • Image accordion size changes across different views/goes vertical tablet and mobile
  • Image Carousel good basic carousel, careful of photo sizes, all sizes are on the top of carousel, not rearranged (thumbnails work best)

Elementor Pro

  • Titled gives lots of options more
  • Gallery details must be added in the gallery upload details/lots of styling options for the small images/not the large options/styling options for fade in/overlays/filter bar between style and content (too many to list)


Elementor Addons

  • Thumbnail slide very nice layout/customizing options, excellent choice


  • Image applications can be very sensitive to photo size
  • Logo Grid can be finicky on pages/logo size matters, cut off a certain amount
  • Image Slider has problems with image size/doesn’t resize well not the greatest choice for slider
  • Post Tab hover not working? Or finicky
  • Justified grid can choose to justify, not justify, or hide last row/no distinguishing between categories automatically
  • HappyAddons Carousel very subject to image size/vertical mode difficult because of this
  • HappyAddons Slider stays the same size regardless of the image size
  • Image Hover Effect has strange margin when put in more than two columns/goes over
  • Image Compare can’t center/need to change image size/use padding (if there is a margin on the side)
  • 360 can’t adjust image size in widget/ can autoplay/button/none
  • Social Share buttons have an option to stack vertical doesn’t line up well, no spacing option between
  • Creative Button has multiple effects not presented
  • Team Member image size leaves extra space
  • Info Box – image also leaves extra space
  • Post list can list pages, team members, etc
  • Taxonomy list can list tags, releases, categories, etc.
  • Flip Box not have as many style options


Livemesh Addons

  • Very basic/not much change to all widgets/but nicely designed overall
  • Tab Slider tabs don’t work on published page very well
  • Message Box sensitive to image size
  • Grid Item only displaying code?
  • Post Grid custom template option
  • Post Carousel option for custom template/customize all options for adding/Otherwise just is
  • Post Grid Box Slider multiple styles for title placement/information customization
  • Post Grid masonry layout doesn’t work well/customize information
  • Carousel adds photos to the text box/great for word text, not first choice


Essential Addons

  • Interactive Circle isn’t working as a circle
  • Posts Grid options for pages, products, alerts, press releases, trainings, team members and more/a few hover animations options
  • Filterable Gallery options for overlay style when “overlay” not for the other style options/All options have load more button option
  • Product Grid Out of Stock badge only change styles in Preset 5-8/Add to Cart button style doesn’t change but can be removed
  • Product Carousel Out of Stock same designs and Product Grid
  • Post Block Tiled layout has options for different layouts play with
  • Flip Box/Elementor Addons best choices for flips (styling and use)

Essential Addons Pro

  • Smart Post list options to customize add Author/Category/Excerpt (Author only works for Advanced Pro style option)

Premium Addons

  • Premium Media Grid Metro option can change sizes of images but won’t allow for skin style options/style options don’t have much variety or difference/more ability to play with each photo/switch single photos out in and out and rearranging order
  • Premium Blog Masonry style does not work
  • Premium Carousel for templates/a little finicky
  • Easy to use, good style, great option for images/links/banners
  • Premium Woo Products excellent – great styling options/ Some are through Pro/not sure what that is tied to
  • Modal Box text color is the first two styling options color/hover color (doesn’t call it text _)
  • Image Compare really nice-better than HappyAddons

Premium Addons

  • Image Compare image size must fit container size or need padding/labels don’t appear unless overlay on/adjustments just aren’t showing up


  • Client Logo excellent – only allows 9 items, hard to show more than 3 without scrolling (mobile?)
  • Basically no styling options on Post Grid wysiwyg
  • ElementsKit Lite Video button does not work well outside of original style

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