General WordPress Notes


Media Library

  • Images are attached to post editor content by file name/url.
    • If the image is deleted from the media library, the html code referencing that file will remain. When the image is added again with the same file name, it will reappear in the post.
  • Featured images are associated to posts by ID, not by file name. Deleting an image from the media library and re-adding it will not upload it back to the post as a featured image.
    • Add a featured image to a post. I hoped that deleting that image from the media library and re-uploading it


  • Use Simple 301 Redirects to manually correct for global permalink changes. Does not “sense” changes to permalinks.
  • Yoast has a tool for generating htacess codes that handle mass redirect rules.


  • Export Import Menus plugin by Akshay Menariya mostly works but gave me some broken page references.

Private Email


Elementor Custom Fonts

  • Custom fonts not displaying correctly because font files are using http:// instead of https://. Correct the site http settings and reupload the font files.

Update WordPress Admin Password via phpMyAdmin


  • Create a symlink on the server (Bash Notes).
  • user_pass [MD5] [new password]

ShipStation Integration with WooCommerce

  • Shipstation only finds the order if a payment is Processing.
  • Payment Pending means ShipStation will not try to import the order.
  • The Completed status moves the product ShipStation to the Shipped list, out of Awaiting Shipment.

WooCommerce Subscriptions

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