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Search & Filter Tools


  • Advanced search filtering plugin for WordPress
  • Map Facet Addon offers dynamic maps
  • Probably overkill unless you need multiple criteria filters on your site
  • Based on shortcodes
  • Not cheap, but powerful and straightforward to set up
  • Paul says it’s the fastest way to set up filtering
  • AJAX-based
  • Hierarchy select
  • Conditional logic
  • Caching for extra speed


  • Paul says this is the search plugin to invest your time into learning
  • Available on GPLDL
  • Searches all custom content
  • Integrates directly into FacetWP and overs a ton of powerful options
  • Built-in indexing to speed up site searches
  • Weighted taxonomy searching
  • Handling stopwords and synonyms

Search & Filter

Search & Filter

  • Pretty limited***

Search & Filter Pro ($25 or $75)

  • Cheaper than FacetWP but similar features
  • Built in search option, unlike FacetWP which needs to be used with SearchWP
  • Has similar functions to FacetWP and SearchWP, but not the most user friendly option
  • Cheaper than the Facet/Search combo
  • Search & filter in a single plugin, instead of combining two other plugins
  • AJAX